Kumon Students’ Club Point System

* The image is only illustrative. Gift items are subject to change without notice.

The Kumon Students’ Club Point System awards points depending
on the numbers of subjects and months you are studying at Kumon,
and you can exchange your points for gift items.

How do I get points?

By the 25th day of every month, you receive points for the previous month. As you remain enrolled, your points will automatically accumulate, depending on the numbers of subjects and months you are studying.

  • Applicable subjects
  • Japanese, math, English, Kokugo, French and German
  • Points given
  • One point per subject that you study for one month

NOTE 1: Points are not given for the month(s) when you were absent.

NOTE 2: Your points cannot be combined with your siblings’, parents’ or children’s.

NOTE 3: To know how many points you have, fill out and send the item exchange form or the inquiry form or call the number given below. (If you are studying math, English or Kokugo in addition to Japanese, your points for Japanese are not counted in the points you find on the iKUMON website.)

When will my points expire?

Your points remain effective as long as you are studying at Kumon. If you discontinue studying all the subjects you studied and do not enroll again within a year, your points will expire. If you enroll again by the month that follows the expiration date of your points, you will get those points back. Starting from the month when you enroll again, you will get additional points, which will be added to the points you had at the time of discontinuation (or the remaining points after you exchanged some of your points for gift items).

To those who have discontinued studying:

Your points will be effective for one year after discontinuation. You can exchange your points for gift items until the end of this period.

E.g. If you studied Japanese until the end of April and discontinued studying it in May,
you get one more point on May 25, and your points expire at the end of April the following year. Please exchange your points for gift items by then, if you want.

How can I use my points (to get a gift item)?

Fill out and send the item exchange form or call us at the number given below to request a gift item. The item will be delivered to the address you specified in one to two weeks with free shipping.

  • Items cannot be delivered outside Japan.
  • Once you request an item, it cannot be changed to any other item.
  • The points exchanged will be deducted from the points you have.
  • If the item is delivered in faulty condition, please ask for a replacement.

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