Learning Method and Materials

What is the Kumon Japanese Language Program?

The Kumon Japanese Language Program is a learning method to help you
acquire Japanese proficiency (reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar)
that you can use in various settings in your daily life and work.

The grammatical skills and rich vocabulary, which you can gain by repeatedly reading and writing Japanese texts, will be helpful in every setting of your everyday life and work.
For instance, this program will enable you to fill out documents requested by government offices or hospitals, to have good communication at work, to understand posters, signboards or guidance displays, and to read newspapers, and books.


Learning Method

Self-learning in your native language

With some help written in your native language (English, Portuguese and Chinese), you will acquire Japanese proficiency by repeating the practice of listening to the audio material, reading worksheets and writing on your own.

Studying at your own level and pace

As you will start studying at the level equivalent to your current Japanese skills, you will be able to enhance your Japanese proficiency steadily at your own pace.

Firmly supporting the study of each individual student

The instructors of the Kumon Japanese Language Program will assess your learning progress and help you motivate yourself to improve, in addition to grading your worksheets and giving advice accordingly.

Two courses available for your learning Choose either the "class" or "correspondence" course

The "class" course is for students who wish to study at a Center while the "correspondence" course is for those who are too busy to go to a Center and wish to study at home. Please choose the course that suits you best.

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Learning Materials

Learning materials for self-learning

You can study these worksheets in small steps on your own, with your native language (English, Portuguese and Chinese) used as the medium of instruction.

Advancing in small steps through finely divided levels

The worksheets of the Kumon Japanese Language Program are structured in 15 levels from Level 4A to L, with 3,000 worksheets that progress in difficulty in small steps.

  • After completing the program, students can continue their study with the Kumon Kokugo Program (a program designed for native Japanese students).

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【Features!】As Japanese words, sentences, texts, and the explanations of grammar points are given with translations in your native language (*), they are easy to understand even for beginners! You can learn the worksheets comfortably on your own. * English, Portuguese and Chinese

Kumon Worksheets

The worksheets are structured in 15 levels with a total of 3,000 worksheets.
They can meet the needs at any level of your study from the introductory
level to beginners, intermediate and advanced level!

At each level, you will be able to…

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  • Click the image of each level to see the details.

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