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About Links

  • This Site contains links to other websites for the convenience of Users. The Group is not responsible for the information posted on the linked websites. In addition, the Group does not guarantee the information and services provided on the linked websites. Your browsing and use of any other websites linked to this Site is entirely at your own risk.
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Remarks for linking to this Site (guidelines)

  • How to link
    • Links may be placed directly in individual Content and individual pages of the Site. However, the Content may not be reproduced on the linked site or any other sites.
    • Links that use frames or other means that make it unclear that the content is from this Site are strictly prohibited.Links that use frames or other means that make it unclear that the content is from this Site are strictly prohibited.
  • Display on linked source sites, etc.
    • You shall not demonstrate or imply that the Group recommends linked source sites or their services or products.
    • You shall not present false information about the services or products the Group offers.
    • You shall not use Trademarks, etc., or service marks without permission from the Group.
  • Prohibited links
    • Links from websites that fall under any of the following are strictly prohibited:
      1. (1) Websites that include content that defames or slanders the services or products offered by the Group or damages the credibility of the Group
      2. (2) Websites that contain illegal content (including potentially illegal content)
      3. (3) Websites that are (or may be) involved in illegal activities (including activities that may be illegal)
      4. (4) Other websites that the Group deems inappropriate

Prohibited Activity

  • When using this Site, the Group prohibits the following actions or any actions that may lead to such actions:
    • Any act that causes disadvantages or damages to the Group or any third party
    • Any act that violates public order and morals or related laws and ordinances
    • Any act that leads to crimes
    • Any act that infringes on the privacy, portrait rights, or other personal rights of others
    • Any act that illegally uses copyrights or other intellectual property rights
    • Any act that defames or slanders the Group or any third party, or any act that damages the reputation or credibility of the Group or any third party
    • Any attempt to access this Site from an area where access to this Site is illegal
    • Any attempt to transmit or write harmful computer programs, forged files, etc.
    • Any act that interferes with the use of or access to the Site or the Content
    • Any attempt to link in such a manner as to create the misconception that the linked source site is affiliated with the Group or to create the misconception that the Group supports or recommends the linked source site
    • Any attempt to link in such a manner as to make it unclear that the page or Content is that of the Group, such as by displaying it as part of a page of the link source site or in any manner that may mislead the viewer into believing that the page or content is that of the link source site
    • Any other acts that the Group deems inappropriate

Handling of Personal Information

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Use of Cookies, etc.

Cookies, etc., and their purpose

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  • The purposes for which the Group uses Cookies, etc., on this Site are as follows:
    • To make this Site more convenient for Users when they revisit it through the use of customization functions, etc.
    • To understand how this Site is used, such as the number of visitors, number of times this Site is used, pages viewed, etc., for the purpose of improving the Content of this Site, improving services, measuring the effectiveness of advertising, etc. (hereafter "Analysis of Service Improvement, etc.").
    • To distribute customized advertisements, advertising, marketing, and promotion based on the user's past visit history to this Site and other user behavior history and attribute information, etc. (hereafter "Advertisement Distribution").

Analysis of Service Improvement, etc., using Cookies, etc.

Advertisement Distribution using Cookies, etc.

Browser Settings by Users

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Disclaimer of Warranty

  • To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, the Group disclaims all warranties with respect to this Site and its Content, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement or non-violation.
  • The Group makes no warranties or representations whatsoever regarding the use, validity, accuracy, or reliability of the Content on this Site, on any sites linked to this Site, or as to the results of such use.
  • The Group makes no representation that the Site or its Content is appropriate or available for use outside Japan.
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  • The Group shall not be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this Site or its Content. In addition, the Group may change the information and services on this Site or suspend or discontinue the operation of this Site at any time without notice. The Group shall not be liable for any damages arising from any such change in the information and services or suspension or discontinuation of the operation of this Site for any reason whatsoever.
  • In the event that the Group is liable for such damages for any reason, the scope of damages to be borne by the Group shall be limited to the damages (excluding lost profits) that would normally be incurred by the User as a result of the aforementioned cause. However, this limitation shall not apply if the damages are caused by intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Group.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • The operation of this Site and the interpretation and application of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  • The Osaka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over all disputes related to this Site.
  • The Group may, at its own discretion, modify these Terms in any of the following cases:
    • When the modification of these Terms is in the general interest of Users
    • The modification of the Terms is not contrary to the purpose of the Terms and is reasonable, given the necessity of the modification, the reasonableness of the modified Content, the details of the modification, and other circumstances pertaining to the modification.
  • Upon modification of the Terms, the Group shall post a notice of such modification and the effective date of such modification on this Site.
  • When a user uses this Site after the effective date of the amended Terms, the user is deemed to have agreed to the amended Terms.

These Terms shall be enacted on October 10, 2019, and shall become effective on the same date.

These Terms shall be partially revised on July 1, 2022, and shall become effective on the same date.

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