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Kumon Centers have been operating with appropriate infection control measures including disinfection and increased ventilation.
Please take your temperature before coming to the Center. Wear a face mask and have a handkerchief with you when entering the Center.
“At-home Kumon Study Program” will be provided if public elementary schools in your area close.

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Study Procedure

  • At the Center you will study for about an hour.

Start your study

(1) Submit your homework. Receive the worksheets for the Center study

Study using the
audio material

(3) Study using worksheets

(4) Submit the completed worksheets to your instructor

(5) Have the worksheets graded by your instructor and correct mistakes if any!

(6) Read the worksheets aloud and have this checked by your instructor

(7) Receive homework

You've finished your study at the Center!

You also study at home! At home you follow the study procedures, too.

The Class Course allows
you to study

at a Kumon Center

How is Kumon (Class Course) different

from Japanese language schools?

At Kumon, you don't attend a class in which "teachers teach you." Instead, you will read the explanations on worksheets, practice oral readings, and solve questions on your own to master Japanese. Students use the worksheets and the audio material of their proficiency level.

How many hours do I study per week?

Kumon Centers are basically open two days a week, and the hours differ among the Centers. During the Center hours, you can go there and study at any time that is convenient for you.

At the Center you will study for about one hour. After the study, you will receive your homework and study this at home until the next Center day.

What will the instructor
do for me?

Kumon instructors help you to smoothly advance your study.
They give individual support to each student through the students' study and oral reading practices at the Center, as well as through the worksheets they completed at home.

By grading the worksheets that students completed, the instructors assess the Japanese comprehension level of the students, give them hints to enhance their self-learning ability, and adjust the level of worksheets that they study to the "just-right" level.
In addition, the instructors give students advice for proper Japanese pronunciation by checking their oral reading.

At-home Kumon Study Program

You can choose to study Kumon’s program at home.

● In order to begin at-home study program, you need to visit a Center for an explanation and to take a diagnostic test.

● Students study Kumon’s worksheets at home.

● Instruction and study progress reports will be carried out once each week by telephone, email or Zoom. Available languages vary depending on the Center.

*You need to prepare a means of communication. You will bear the call charge or internet access fee.

● Worksheets will be delivered by mail to your home address, or will be available to pick up from a mailbox at the Center once or twice a month.

*We kindly request that you cover the postage of items sent back to the Kumon Center.

●The tuition fee is the same amount as for in-Center study (for regular tuition).

*If you apply for a temporary absence, or decide to end your study after you have studied worksheets or have received new worksheets (even if just once in the month) you will still be charged the tuition fee for that month.

You are required to submit an application form to the instructor at the time of registration.

*Some Centers may not provide the “At-home Kumon Study Program”. If you are interested, please talk to your instructor about this.

Tuition Fees

An enrollment fee is not required. See details

To find the locations of Centers

You can search for nearby Kumon Centers for the Japanese Language Program from address, postal code or station name.

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