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Experience Kumon Japanese Language Program
FOR FREE during our Free Trial weeks!




Participating students can visit the Kumon Center twice in one week during the above period to try out the Kumon Method for free.

*Please be advised that you might not be able to try out the class twice, depending on the timing of the application. That might happen if you sign up at the end of the month.


Please find a center which will offer Free Trial lessons.

*Kumon Free Trial is unavailable for our correspondence course.

  1. 1. Kumon Free Trial is available only within Japan.
  2. 2. Kumon Free Trial is offered to those who would like to try the Kumon Japanese Language Program for the first time.
    This offer is not open to former or current students of the Kumon Japanese Language Program in Japan, or participants of previous Free Trials.

How to Participate in the Free Trial

  1. Find your nearest Kumon study center.

  2. Call the study center instructor and arrange for a Free Trial.

  3. Go to the center on the arranged days.

  4. Follow your instructor's guidance in the center.

*For those who have difficulty speaking Japanese, please contact us at

Study Procedure

  1. 01

    Start your study!

    Submit your homework. Receive the worksheets for the Center study

  2. 02

    Study using the audio material

  3. 03

    Study using worksheets

  4. 04

    Submit the completed worksheets to your instructor

  5. 05

    Have the worksheets graded by your instructor and correct mistakes if any!

  6. 06

    Read the worksheets aloud and have this checked by your instructor

  7. 07

    You've finished your study at the Center!

    Receive homework

You also study at home! At home you follow the study procedures, too.