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Chuck Johnson (Correspondence Course)

Introduction of comments

  • Class Course

    Dennis Michael Sullivan Junior

    At enrollment

    Started from Level C

    I struggled with using particles correctly.

    Completed up to Level L (the final level)

    I now understand Japanese texts and passed the JLPT N3!

    Student Voices

    When I was looking for a systematic way to study Japanese, a friend of mine showed me the Kumon worksheets and I thought, “This is it!” When I was a student, I was not fond of traditional classroom lessons. Kumon’s learning style, which allowed me to study at my own pace and see my progress as I advanced through the worksheets, was perfect for me.

    Furthermore, the program was convenient since I could bring the worksheets to school and study between English lessons. Also, most of the teachers and students knew about Kumon, so everyone was very supportive of me completing the program.

    As I advanced to Levels G, H, and I (intermediate level), I gradually became comfortable with Japanese grammar. When I advanced to the reading section of Levels J, K, and L (advanced level), I was excited to find that I could read texts from actual novels in its original form, not those re-written for easier reading.

    By the time I finished the final level, I started to understand Japanese signs/writing found in the streets, which gave me a lot of confidence.

    To those of you who are thinking about learning Japanese, I recommend trying Kumon to see if it suits you. The journey to the fluency is long. You’ll find it difficult to stay motivated for such a long time, which is why you have to learn to enjoy the journey itself. When studying a language, it’s crucial that you have fun!

  • Class Course

    Marie Toni Kobayashi

    At enrollment

    Started from Level 2A

    It was difficult to say anything in Japanese.

    Completed up to Level E

    I could build good relationships with Japanese colleagues.

    Student Voices

    On my first year in Japan as an ALT, I was told that Japanese was not essential for teaching. However, as time passed by, I learned that it would have been easier for me to teach and reach my students if I understand where they are coming from.

    Kumon has helped me a lot by boosting my confidence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing. The learning materials are easy to understand. They teach everything step by step and in an organized manner. If I forget a grammar point, it is easy to review them again. It is also convenient to work at my own pace. It was difficult for me to say something in Japanese before, because I was always afraid that it might be wrong. However,it became easier to converse in Japanese. My colleagues also noticed that I started to come out of my shell. I could build relationships with other teachers. It made them trust me more.

    My instructor is cheerful and looks after me a lot. When I was appointed to be a representative of a Japanese speech competition, it was nerve wracking. My instructor cheered me a lot ! I did it. I even got a lot of praise for my speech.She is one of the reasons why I keep getting interested in learning Japanese.

    I'd love to pass JLPT N1 or N2 in the future. I know it will take some time but I am determined to reach it.

  • Correspondence Course

    Diane Bartolome

    At enrollment

    Started from Level A

    I could not communicate in Japanese.

    Completed up to Level E

    I successfully passed JLPT N4 last year.

    Student Voices

    KUMON offers a flexible program for professionals who wish to study and learn Japanese but don’t have the time to go visit a learning center.

    I like KUMON because I can study Japanese at my own pace despite my busy work schedule. Its modules are also compact and easy to bring anywhere. Its contents are easy to relate with because they deal with important conversations in daily life.

    The modules are organized in such a way that you learn the basics first, and through repetition, you understand and remember them by heart.

    KUMON also includes stories to help you practice your reading comprehension while at the same time learn Japanese culture and traditions.KUMON increased my Japanese vocabulary and helped me understand grammar and proper sentence construction. Through the help of KUMON, I successfully passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N4 which I took last year.

    My instructor is very kind and cheerful. She always encourages me to continue studying despite my busy work schedule. During our Skype lessons, she lets me read the modules, checks my proper pronunciation, and explains the words or expressions that I do not understand. I always look forward to our Skype lessons twice a month because I always learn something new.

    My goal is to become fluent in both written and conversational Japanese. I believe that learning the Japanese language would open the door to understanding Japanese history, culture and people.

  • Class Course

    Athira Markasseri

    At enrollment

    Started from Level D

    I could not speak Japanese at all.I could not speak Japanese at all.

    Completed up to Level I

    I can communicate with Japanese people in the club without difficulty.

    Student Voices

    I came to Japan four years ago because of my husband’s work. At the time I could not speak Japanese at all. As I had time and wanted to do something, I started to search for a Japanese class. I chose Kumon because my husband’s Japanese friends recommended Kumon to me. Also, I knew that my Indian friends had their kids studying in Kumon.

    I really like Kumon, because I can study at my own pace and repeat worksheets. I practice reading and writing using the worksheets repeatedly, which is the very reason I like Kumon. The audio material is also effective. For instance, when I see a kanji that I can recognize but cannot remember how to read, the audio material helps me remember its reading.

    My husband and I belong to an English speech circle, where all members except us are Japanese. Now I can understand what they are talking about, so I can communicate with them without difficulty, which makes me happy!

    I passed N3 last year, and my goal is to pass N1 while in Japan. After I return to India, I want to become a Japanese interpreter and a Japanese teacher!

  • Class Course

    Y. I.

    At enrollment

    Started from Level A

    I could not speak Japanese at all.

    Completed up to Level F

    I have made lots of Japanese friends.

    Student Voices

    My motive for studying Japanese was to make my school life more meaningful and enjoyable. Currently I go to junior high school. When I enrolled in school, I could not speak Japanese at all. I could not understand what teachers were saying, and I found it difficult to make friends. I realized that if my Japanese improved, my school life and study would become more meaningful and better.

    School is now what my life is all about. That’s why I don’t have plenty of time. Kumon makes it easy for me to study Japanese, because I can study at my own pace. The learning material is matched to my ability. Every day I study Kumon at home after school. Doing that, my Japanese ability is improving day by day. Since I started Kumon, I have made lots of friends, and I’ve been enjoying my school life.