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Yoolanda Karim
(Correspondence Course)

At enrollment

Started from Level 2A

I could not understand Japanese.

Completed up to Level E

My communication with my Japanese colleagues have improved significantly.

Yoolanda Karim (Correspondence Course)

Student Voices

I really love Kumon’s learning material and study methods. The materials are not very complicated and were arranged in a structured manner, which enables Japanese language learners to easily understand what is being learnt.

The beauty of this Correspondence Course is that I can study in the comfort of my house and gives me the freedom to allocate my time depending on my schedule. My job as an engineer does not allow me to learn Japanese by attending Kumon classrooms because I always work late during the weekdays and sometimes on weekends as well.

The online classes really helped me improve my reading ability. In addition, during the session my instructor explains and gives me more practice with any mistakes I have made previously in my worksheet, thus providing me with a deeper understanding of the material.

Now, after taking this course with Kumon, my communication with my Japanese colleagues have improved significantly and I have been able to better understand them in conversations. They are impressed with my progress.

My life has become so much smoother with the Japanese I have learned. Before, I needed my friends to help me when I wanted to buy something because I couldn’t understand what the salesperson was explaining. Now, I can even ask and give a solid response whenever the salesperson speaks to me.

With the help of the study materials and learner-friendly method, I have also passed my JLPT 5 and JLPT4 exams!

Weraduwage Sriyani
(Correspondence Course)

At enrollment

Started from Level D

I could not communicate in Japanese.

Completed the final level (Level JL)

I can help my husband in his job.

Weraduwage Sriyani (Correspondence Course)

Student Voices

I am studying Japanese because I am living in Japan. The only way to live and support myself here is to be able to communicate in Japanese.
If I go to the doctor, I cannot tell him my symptoms unless I can speak Japanese. Before I could neither speak nor write in Japanese, or cope with customers. I used to be always in trouble.

Now I can read and communicate in Japanese, I can help my husband in his job.
It is hard to find time to study. But I try to keep my study time to around 1 hour per day. I write difficult Kanji in a notebook, I practice reading aloud the worksheets while listening to the audio material.

If I had not studied with Kumon, I would not be able to speak Japanese.
I want to work as a volunteer interpreter at the Sri Lankan Embassy.

Catherin Brix
(Class Course)

At enrollment

Started from Level A

I could not read nor speak Japanese.

Completed up to Level D

I can read some sentences and understand a little of what people are saying.

Catherin Brix (Class Course)

Student Voices

I had been living in Japan for a decade, but I could not read nor speak Japanese. When I picked up the phone, I always said “Sorry, I cannot speak Japanese!”, But now I can reply in Japanese! When I get on the train, I can read some sentences in the advertisements and I also can understand a little of what people are saying.

I have a fixed study time after I send my children off to school. I can study KUMON everywhere. By repeating my study I can remember things easily. I try to use the Japanese which I have learned from Kumon in my everyday life.

I want to use Japanese in a proper way and understand Japanese culture through my Japanese ability.

Nikolay Vyuzhanin
(Class Course)

At enrollment

Started from Level 3A

I did not always have the chance to speak.

Completed up to Level JI

I naturally developed Japanese conversation skills.

Nikolay Vyuzhanin(Class Course)

Student Voices

At Kumon you can study at your own pace!

Kumon is good because I can study during my free time. Before, when I attended a Japanese class run by volunteers, I ran into the trouble of having to move forward to the next step without understanding the current step, whenever I was absent for class. At the Japanese class, I could remember the material during class, but I would forget about it later.

At Kumon, you yourself can determine the pace at which you study Japanese. Also, since Kumon uses worksheets, you can remember Japanese properly and look back on the worksheets later when you forget a word or a phrase. Also, the volunteer Japanese class I attended employed group-oriented lessons so I did not always have the chance to speak, but Kumon allows me to practice speaking Japanese through its one-on-one sessions with the instructor (even for a short period of time).

Furthermore, Kumon allows you to practice reading aloud Japanese, both individually and in front of the instructor, which naturally develops your Japanese conversation skills.

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