The History of Kumon

The History of Kumon

  • Long Service Honor Roll
  • Toru Kumon’s Personal History
  • Toru Kumon’s Study
  • The Original Worksheets
  • The History of Kumon
  • Takeshi Kumon’s Study
  • The Words of Toru Kumon

From humble beginnings to worldwide education provider

History of Kumon Exhibit
Beginnings and dynamic growth of the company
Expansion into new areas
Wooden Kumon Center sign from the 1960s
The original company logo
The Kumon Method provided worldwide (photo taken Jan. 2014)

The documents and photographs on display in this section of the museum recount the history of the development of the Kumon company from the time of its establishment in 1958. Here visitors can gain an understanding of Toru Kumon’s visionary leadership and his unwavering dedication to providing quality education through the Kumon Method.