The Original Worksheets

The Original Worksheets

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It all began with Toru Kumon’s desire to help his son

Original Worksheets Exhibit
Selection of the original worksheets
Replicas of the original worksheets
Mimeograph used to print worksheets in the early days
Current worksheets and past editions of the Instruction Principles

Toru Kumon was a high school math teacher when he first began to create his own self-study math worksheets for his son, Takeshi. It was his method of home-based math education that formed the basis for the creation of the Kumon Method we know today. The items on display in this room include a selection of the original worksheets that Toru Kumon made by hand each day for Takeshi, a full set of replicas of the original worksheets, and a timeline of revisions to the Kumon math worksheets down through the years. Studying with his father’s worksheets, Takeshi advanced from two-digit multiplication in 2nd grade to differential and integral calculus by the time he was in the 6th grade. The original worksheets exhibit brings to life the experiences shared by father and son during those three and a half years.

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