Toru Kumon’s Study

Toru Kumon’s Study

  • The Original Worksheets
  • The History of Kumon
  • Takeshi Kumon’s Study
  • The Words of Toru Kumon
  • Long Service Honor Roll
  • Toru Kumon’s Personal History
  • Toru Kumon’s Study

The personal study of Toru Kumon, preserved in its original state

Toru Kumon’s study
Toru Kumon’s desk
The Instruction Principles with Toru Kumon’s handwritten notes
The museum garden as seen from Toru Kumon’s study
Memorial Stones in honor of Toru and Takeshi Kumon

Toru Kumon would spend hours in this room after returning home from work, using the phone and fax to exchange information with Instructors about students. Upon entering this study, visitors can almost imagine Toru Kumon sitting here working to help as many students as possible develop their abilities with the Kumon Method.