Long Service Honor Roll

Long Service Honor Roll

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In honor of those who have contributed to Kumon up to now

Marble panels in the museum garden
The first two panels with message honoring all those listed
Inscription of the names of Toru and Takeshi Kumon
Display cabinet in museum reception area
Leather-bound bronze plaques (front cover)
Leather-bound bronze plaques (open)

The Long Service Honor Roll was established in honor of the many Kumon Instructors and employees who have provided guidance for their students and contributed to the development of the Kumon Method down through the years.

The names of those who provided their invaluable services for 20 years or more before retiring up to March 2005 are inscribed on a series of marble panels on display in the museum garden. Since April 2005, the Honor Roll has continued as a series of leather-bound bronze plaques contained in a wooden display cabinet in the museum reception area.

The first names on the marble panels are those of Toru and Takeshi Kumon, the very first Kumon student and Instructor. To this day, just as those who paved the way before us, we at Kumon continue to undertake the task that they began.