KUMON sounds perfect for you!

A High Quality Study Method Suitable for All Learners!

KUMON Japanese Language Program for Correspondence Course

A Flexible Method Allowing You to Study Anywhere, Anytime.

Kumon’s Japanese Correspondence Course allows you to have full control over your learning.
Use worksheets and the audio that correspond to your Japanese level, and study at home or work at a time when it is convenient for you.

A Flexible Method Allowing You to StudyAnywhere, Anytime.

Study at Your Own Level and Pace.

The worksheets are finely structured and consist of 15 levels containing 3,000 sheets in total. You can move forward in just right steps, which allows you to study steadily at your own pace.

You will need to take a test after applying for enrollment, to decide which worksheets to start from.

Study at Your Own Level and Pace.

Your Instructor Can Support Your Study in English.

You can get support from your instructor in English using email, during the online reading lessons, or by calling our toll-free number.

Your completed worksheets will be graded and corrected by your own instructor.

Your Instructor Can Support Your Studyin English.

Practice Your Japanese Pronunciation through Online Reading Lessons.

By taking our online reading lessons, twice a month, through Skype, you can receive one-to-one instruction from your instructor.

You can check and master correct pronunciation and smooth reading of Japanese through these online reading lessons.

Practice Your Japanese Pronunciationthrough Online Reading Lessons.

Comment from Students.

Marie Toni Kobayashi

On my first year in Japan as an ALT, I was told that Japanese was not essential for teaching. However, as time passed by, I learned that it would have been easier for me to teach and reach my students if I understand where they are coming from.

Kumon has helped me a lot by boosting my confidence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing. The learning materials are easy to understand. They teach everything step by step and in an organized manner. If I forget a grammar point, it is easy to review them again. It is also convenient to work at my own pace. It was difficult for me to say something in Japanese before, because I was always afraid that it might be wrong. However,it became easier to converse in Japanese. My colleagues also noticed that I started to come out of my shell. I could build relationships with other teachers. It made them trust me more.

My instructor is cheerful and looks after me a lot. When I was appointed to be a representative of a Japanese speech competition, it was nerve wracking. My instructor cheered me a lot ! I did it. I even got a lot of praise for my speech.She is one of the reasons why I keep getting interested in learning Japanese.

I'd love to pass JLPT N1 or N2 in the future. I know it will take some time but I am determined to reach it.

Yoolanda Karim

Weraduwage Sriyani

KUMON offers a flexible program for professionals who wish to study and learn Japanese but don’t have the time to go visit a learning center.

I like KUMON because I can study Japanese at my own pace despite my busy work schedule. Its modules are also compact and easy to bring anywhere. Its contents are easy to relate with because they deal with important conversations in daily life.

The modules are organized in such a way that you learn the basics first, and through repetition, you understand and remember them by heart.

KUMON also includes stories to help you practice your reading comprehension while at the same time learn Japanese culture and traditions.

KUMON increased my Japanese vocabulary and helped me understand grammar and proper sentence construction. Through the help of KUMON, I successfully passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N4 which I took last year.

My instructor is very kind and cheerful. She always encourages me to continue studying despite my busy work schedule. During our Skype lessons, she lets me read the modules, checks my proper pronunciation, and explains the words or expressions that I do not understand. I always look forward to our Skype lessons twice a month because I always learn something new.

My goal is to become fluent in both written and conversational Japanese. I believe that learning the Japanese language would open the door to understanding Japanese history, culture and people.

Weraduwage Sriyani

Tuition fee: ¥10,450 / month.

Let’s study Japanese at your convenience with KUMON!