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Kumon Japanese Correspondence Course Regulations

Tuition Fee

Age 16 years old and above(High school students and older) 13 to 15 years old(Junior high school students) 12 years old and under(Elementary school students)
Monthly tuition 9,720yen 8,640yen 7,560yen

* There is no enrollment fee.

  1. Consumption tax and learning materials fee, as well as the postage costs from the instructor / Kumon Japanese as a Foreign Language Department to students are included. The postage costs from the student to the instructor / Kumon Japanese as a Foreign Language Department shall be covered by the student.
  2. The tuition fee for every month in the Japanese school year (April 1 to March 31) is determined by the age you turn in that school year.


  1. At the enrollment, please pay one month's tuition.
  2. By the end of each month, pay the tuition for the following month.
  3. Payment can be made at a convenience store. Please follow the designated payment method.

Definition of "Study"

The term "study" refers to receiving learning materials from the instructor and having them with you for your learning. Even if you don't send in any completed worksheets during a given month, the tuition fee for that month should be paid, unless you have given notice of your wish for a temporary absence or withdrawal to the instructor before the end of the previous month.

Temporary Absence ⁄ Withdrawal / Resumption / Transfer Out

  1. Temporary Absence

    The term "temporary absence" refers to "a consecutive absence for one month or longer on a monthly basis." In other words, it means that you stop from studying itself. During your temporary absence, therefore, you will not be considered as being in study and thus you are not allowed to study worksheets even if you have them with you. You will not be required to pay tuition during the absence. Please note that the maximum allowable period of temporary absence is three months. Unless you resume study before an absence of three consecutive months, you will be regarded as withdrawn.

  2. Withdrawal

    This means to fully stop studying. You are required to return any uncompleted worksheets to your instructor.

  3. Notice of temporary absence or withdrawal

    Give notice to the instructor or the Kumon Japanese as a Foreign Language Department by the end of the month before the month you plan to begin a temporary absence or withdrawal. If you give notice after commencing study, the tuition for that month will not be refunded.

  4. Resumption

    The term "resumption" refers to "re-starting your study after your temporary absence." When you plan to re-start your study, please contact your instructor or the Kumon Japanese as a Foreign Language Department by the end of the previous month of the month you plan to re-start. Please pay the one month tuition for the month of your re-start by a designated payment method.

  5. Transfer Out (changing to the class course)

    You are able to change from the correspondence course to the class course. If you wish to change, please contact your instructor or the Kumon Japanese as a Foreign Language Department by the end of the previous month of the month you plan to change the course. It is not possible to change your course during the month.

Please know in advance that if you apply to one of the following cases, showing no improvement, we may refuse you by necessity to continue your study with Kumon.

  • Tuition is not paid by the due date.
  • You caused damages to your instructor or Kumon Institute of Education.

Handling of Personal Information

1. The personal information we obtain through your learning or our operations at Kumon Centers or correspondence course (the records of your studies and our observations of your study status, etc.), as well as the personal information that you enter on your application form such as your name and address, will be used within Kumon Centers and the Kumon Group for student instruction (collection and analysis of instructional data, research/development/improvement of learning materials and instructional methods, and training for the staff members and Instructors of the Kumon Group, etc.), and for Center management (providing necessary information, rewarding students, and delivering newsletters and items, etc.) to the extent that is necessary. In addition, your personal information may be used by any of the companies in the Kumon Group to inform you of their products and services concerning education, learning, publication, child-raising support or other related matters, as well as to conduct research/planning development, surveys (including questionnaires), and to create statistics and marketing documents. We will appropriately handle this information with the utmost care in accordance with the Policy on Protection of Personal Information of the Kumon Group*, and other regulations.
*You can find the Policy on Protection of Personal Information of the Kumon Group and the purpose of use of personal information on the website of Kumon Institute of Education,

2. If you have any inquiries regarding personal information, please contact us at the Japanese as a Foreign Language Department, Kumon Institute of Education.
Phone: 0120-494-625 (Toll-free)
Hours: 9:30-17:30 (Except Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and during the summer and New Year’s holidays)

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