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Kumon Toru Research Institute of Education

Taking its name from that of the founder of the Kumon Method, Kumon Toru Research Institute of Education was incorporated in October 2000 as a subsidiary of Kumon Institute of Education. The primary goal of the Institute is to communicate and further develop the educational philosophy of Toru Kumon. We also provide support for other Kumon Group companies in our common goal of ensuring that Kumon students around the world continue to gain solid academic ability through self-learning with the Kumon Method.

Preserving Toru Kumon’s intellectual legacy

Central to this role is our museum dedicated to telling the story of the founder of the Kumon Method. The Toru Kumon museum contains a wide variety of exhibits pertaining to the late Toru Kumon’s life and educational principles, as well as the origins of the education method he created.

Promoting the correct application of the Kumon Method

The Institute provides consulting services and training for Kumon Group employees involved in instruction and material development. A key aspect of this role is working together with employees from around the globe to produce guides to the essentials of Kumon instruction. We are also responsible for authorizing applications by group companies for revisions to the Kumon materials.

Carrying out research into better instruction

Our researchers join together with Kumon Instructors in voluntary study groups to research how we at Kumon can improve our instruction to better develop the abilities of our students. We place utmost importance on learning through studying student cases in order to pursue the potential of each of our students.

Our Environmental Activities

In compliance with the Kumon Group’s environmental policy, Kumon Toru Research Institute of Education is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. For example, we promote simple energy-saving activities, carefully separate office waste, and recycle or reuse materials whenever possible.
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Toru Kumon Museum

The Birth of Kumon

Words of inspiration from Toru Kumon